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Bright LC588S Tyre Changer – Truck / Bus

4,850.00 (inc. VAT)


The Bright LC588S is a heavy duty, electro-hydraulic tyre changer for truck and bus wheels with 14″-26″ rim diameter. This is a high-quality, economically priced machine, designed with small-to-medium transport operations in mind.


The LC588S allows for safe and simple tyre changing, is available in single or three phase options and is suitable for both steel and alloy rims.


Bright Technology is part of the Nexion Group (Italy), their products are manufactured in Yingkou and are supplied with a 2 year warranty and a parts supply guarantee.


Tyrecare Ltd is Ireland's sole distributor and service partner for the Bright brand.

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30 day money back guarantee
2 year equipment warranty
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Additional Information
Weight 560 kg
Dimensions 2100 × 2180 × 1200 mm

230 VOLT AC, 400 VOLT AC

Product Details
Product Features

Bright LC588S Tyre Changer - Truck / Bus

  • Economical electro-hydraulic tyre changer for trucks, buses and tractors
  • Simple design; efficient and easy to use
  • Super-duty electric motor and hydraulic drive for superior torque and powerful wheel clamping.
  • Self-centring hydraulic clamping chuck
  • Spreader-type jaws ensure secure clamping of rims
  • Quick-positioning and lock mount/demount arm
  • Hydraulic sliding carriage positions tool head for bead breaking, mounting and demounting
  • Single piece frame for maximum strength and rigidity
  • Portable remote console for safe machine operation and control
  • Suitable for use on alloy wheels
  • Full range of accessories, spares and consumables available
Technical Details
Model: LC588S
Voltages Available: 230/400VAC
Motor Power - Pump: 1.1kW / 1.5hp
Motor Power - Gearbox: 1.5kW / 2.4hp
Rim Clamping Range: 14"-26"
Max. Rim Diameter (with extensions): n/a
Max Wheel Assembly Diameter: 1500mm
Max. Wheel Assembly Width: 1000mm
Max. Wheel Weight: 1000kg
Bead Breaking Force: 1100kgf / 11kN
Hydraulic Operating Pressure: 50 - 130bar
Dimensions: 2180w x 2100d x 1200h
Mass: 560kg
Additional Information
Weight 560 kg
Dimensions 2100 x 2180 x 1200 mm

230 VOLT AC, 400 VOLT AC