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Bright LC890N Tyre Changer – Swing

1,355.00 (inc. VAT)


The Bright LC890N is a medium duty, air-electric tyre changer for car and light commercial wheels with 11″-26″ rim diameter. This is a high-quality machine designed with garages and small tyre centres in mind.


The LC887N will easily handle most conventional tyres as well as UHP, low profile, run-flat and soft sidewall tyres.

AL330 fitting assistor and motorcycle wheel adaptors available as options.


Bright Technology is part of the Nexion Group (Italy), their products are manufactured in Yingkou and are supplied with a 2 year warranty and a parts supply guarantee.


Tyrecare Ltd is Ireland's sole distributor and service partner for the Bright brand.

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30 day money back guarantee
2 year equipment warranty
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Additional Information
Weight 239 kg
Dimensions 1300 × 1350 × 1960 mm
Product Details
Product Features

Bright LC890N Tyre Changer - Swing

  • Swing type tyre changer for cars and light commercials
  • Handles rim sizes up to 26” diameter
  • Manual swing and mounting post lock
  • Self centring 4 jaw turntable with 80mm cylinders for secure wheel clamping
  • Powerful, responsive bead breaker with easily positioned blade
  • Control pedal assembly with step-move functionality
  • Built-in tyre inflator
  • Covered turntable plus jaw and tool head inserts for alloy rim protection
  • Full range of accessories, spares and consumables available
Technical Details
Model: LC890N
Voltages Available: 230VAC
Motor Power: 1.1kW / 1.5hp
Air Pressure: 8-12 bar
Outside Clamping Range: 11"-24"
Inside Clamping Range: 13"-26"
Max Wheel Width: 355mm / 14"
Bead Breaker Capability: 40 - 330mm
Bead Breaking Force: 1000kgf / 10kN
Turntable Speed: 6.5 rpm
Turntable Torque: 1020Nm /885lbf-ft
Dimensions: 1350w x 1300d x 1960h
Mass: 239kg
Additional Information
Weight 239 kg
Dimensions 1300 x 1350 x 1960 mm