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GS Boxer A30-20 Tyre Changer – Tilt

3,255.003,355.00 (inc. VAT)


The GS Boxer A30-20 is a heavy duty, air-electric tyre changer for car and light commercial wheels with 10″-22″ rim diameter. Replacing the popular A22-20 model, this is a high-reliability machine designed with busy garages and tyre centres in mind.

The A30-20 will easily handle most conventional tyres as well as UHP, low profile, run-flat, truck balloon and soft sidewall tyres including PAX with optional accessories.


Boxer is a part of the Snap-on Equipment group, their products are designed and built in Correggio, Italy and are supplied with a 2 year warranty and a parts supply guarantee.


Tyrecare Ltd has been Ireland's sole distributor of GS Boxer products and spares for over 20 years.

30 day money back guarantee
2 year equipment warranty
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Additional Information
Weight 99 kg
Dimensions 1460 × 550 × 980 mm

230 VOLT AC, 400 VOLT AC

Product Details
Product Features

GS Boxer A30-20 Tyre Changer - Tilt

  • Outside clamping capability from 10" to 20" and inside 12" to 22" with fixed jaws
  • Twin pneumatic cylinders providing 30-40% more clamping force than single cylinder designs
  • Quick lock button on operation arm to for speed and ease of use
  • Tool head retracts automatically from rim prevent contact and damage
  • Plastic jaw and tool head inserts included to prevent damage to alloy rims
  • Double acting bead breaker cylinder prevents shock to rim and tyre
  • Rust-proof pneumatic system virtually maintenance free
  • Strong mechanical construction for longer durability
  • Full range of accessories, spares and consumables available
Technical Details
Model: A30-20-xx
Voltages Available: 230/400VAC
Motor Power: 0.75kW / 1hp
Air Pressure: 8-12 bar
Outside Clamping Range: 10"-20"
Inside Clamping Range: 12"-22"
Max Wheel Width: 330mm / 13"
Bead Breaker Capability: 40 - 300mm
Bead Breaking Force: 12kN / 2700lbs
Turntable Speed: 8 rpm
Turntable Torque: 1020Nm /885lbf-ft
Dimensions: 1700l x 1050w x 1850h
Mass: 230 kg
Additional Information
Weight 99 kg
Dimensions 1460 x 550 x 980 mm

230 VOLT AC, 400 VOLT AC

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